I teach courses in the psychology of women, male violence against women, and applied social psychology in the Department of Psychology and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.

Undergraduate Courses


Violence in the Lives of Women and Girls (WGST-3300):

An interdisciplinary exploration of male violence against women and girls locally and globally. The course will explore the power of language to shape our understanding of issues, the many forms of subtle and explicit violence, the impact of violence on the individual and the status of women, and the creative resistance of women and girls, among other issues.  View latest syllabus.

Psychology of Women (PSYC-4400):

An examination of the feminist critique of mainstream psychology research of the last century, of feminist approaches to research and theorizing, and applications of feminist psychology to the study of a number of topics in the psychology of women (e.g., mental health, violence against women, sexuality).  View latest syllabus.

Graduate Courses


Feminist Psychology and the Psychology of Women and Gender (PSYC-8575):

This course uses the scholarship and careers of early and recent feminist psychologists to explore a selection of topics in feminist psychology and the psychology of women and gender.  The impact of social and personal circumstances on women’s career trajectories and research contributions is also explored within a feminist intersectional framework.  View latest syllabus.

Applied Social Psychology (PSYC-8670):

An in-depth exploration of the field of applied social psychology, its development and progress. The course will situate applied social psychological research within the broader field of social psychology. Emphasis will be placed on applications in community, health, and industrial/ organizational psychology.  View latest syllabus.

Theory & Research in Social Psychology (PSYC-8560):

A review of research design and methodology in social psychology, in the context of social psychological theory. Students will develop proposals for research projects.  View latest syllabus.