Student Supervision

I supervise one undergraduate thesis student (per year), graduate students across the MA and PhD levels, and a Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF).

See Banting Fellowships (pdf) for funding opportunity for high achieving new graduates.

Undergraduate & Graduate Student Supervision

I will be able to take one new graduate student in the fall of 2021 who has an interest in sexual violence interventions and other topics related to male violence against women and girls.  I only supervise graduate students coming in to our Applied Social Psychology program.

My current graduate students’ research focuses on the role of social media in sexual assault, transformations experienced by survivors following rape during war, pornography’s role in women’s sexual lives, and the role of self-silencing in negative outcomes experienced by young women who have experienced violence from their intimate partners.

Recent undergraduate students conducted research on control over the choice of pornography viewed in heterosexual relationships, mothers’ disclosures to daughters about their sexuality, and street harassment.

Graduate students are given the opportunity to become a member of the interdisciplinary Health Research Centre for the Study of Violence against Women

Current Graduate Students:

Hio Tong Kuan

Level:  PhD
Research:  Women’s experiences of sexual (dis)empowerment living in a contemporary western culture that subscribes to the influence of neoliberalism

Janet MacIsaac (Eleanor the cat)

Janet MacIsaac

Level:  PhD
Research:  Being trans femme: Discursive constructions of feminine identities

Dayanga Randeniya

Level:  MA
Research:  Influence of sexual socialization, gender roles and patriarchal norms on rape myth acceptance among South Asians in Canada

Storm Balint

Level:  MA
Research:  Women’s experiences of self-objectification and sexualization and their impact on attitudes towards online sex work

Jewels Adair

Level:  PhD
Research:  Sexual violence intervention and prevention, male violence against women, and technology-facilitated sexual assault

Lenox Mou

Level:  PhD
Research:  Prevention of sexual violence and domestic violence

Fall 2019: (from left, top row) Dayanga, Charlene, Storm, Sara (from left, bottom row) Hio Tong, Michelle, Mia (Janet holding camera)

Recently Graduated Students

Michelle Krieger

Level:  PhD, 2020

Research:  Technology and social media use in relation to sexual assaults

Mia Sisic

Level:  PhD, 2019

Research:  Women’s experiences of rape during war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

Tanja Samardzic

Level:  MA, 2019

Research:  Women’s Self-silencing with Abusive Male Partners:  A potential risk for important relationship processes

Sobia Ali Faisal

Level:  PhD, 2014

Research: Crossing Sexual Barriers: the influence of background factors and personal attitudes on sexual guilt and sexual anxiety among Canadian and American Muslim women and men

Dusty Johnstone

Level:  PhD, 2013

Research:  Voices from Liminal Spaces: Narratives of Unacknowledged Rape